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Paris, France
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01 Manifesto

Adapting and changing constantly, imagining the possibilities of tomorrow, pushing the boundaries and dismantling the status quo. Thinking outside the box, overcoming every challenge and filling each day with brave, innovative pursuits.

G!theimagineers is a hybrid production studio combining creativity, agility and courage. Spanning architecture, scenography, lighting, imagery, sound and all aspects of technology which make up the performing arts.

We have proven artistic expertise throughout the industry including events, performance, entertainment, clubbing, festivals, live shows and retail.

Our roots in Paris - a beating heart of global activity, our pragmatism and the wealth of our environment have all shaped a collective consciousness that is distinct, divergent, and which instills confidence in our process. By tapping into such a diverse range of subject areas, we are able to reflect deeply and thoroughly on every project.

This paradigm is strengthened by our dynamic, hypersensitive approach.

02 Vision

Imagining endlessly | Doing, we are creators, disrupters, and ideators. As Imagineers, we unearth the very best in the cells and chromosomes that make up our DNA. Scientific, technological and human innovation, exceeding and exploring new possibilities - this is what an average day looks like at G!theimagineers!

Unprecedented turbulence has jolted our industry but has left us with a stronger workplace, increased values of respect and with tangible, sincere and valued commitments.

At G!theimagineers we are committed to production, both on-site and throughout the professional network. As we continue our journey we are striving towards more sustainable design and engineering, adopting more ethical production methods, total cost transparency and a closer relationship with knowledge. Our aspiration of producing tours, events and shows with a reduced carbon footprint is now becoming a reality. Turning an event into a phygital experience by connecting with both live and virtual audiences - then adding our aesthetic and artistic touch. This is what we do.

G!theimagineers is engaged in all of these concepts. We can help you bring your vision to life with our impeccable, airtight project management.

03 Expertise

We are agile, independent partners. We adapt our expertise to every project and any constraint, offering you a bespoke solution.

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04 Experience

We combine our collective knowledge, instincts and skills into one; using our own perspectives and specialist logic to solve complex problems.

Every encounter, smile and collective emotion has helped to shape our outlook as a company, and these experiences have each played a part in perfecting our craft.

More than 25 years dedicated to the artistic and technical industries. We have always been in tune with the corporate, rock and electronic scenes across real, virtual and phygital contexts.

Power is nothing without control. We say this because we have been pioneering this space for twenty rewarding years, acquiring a catalogue of multidisciplinary skills along the way.

From management to electrics | from pixels to lumens | from decibels to network architecture | from crisis management to motion control | from fundraising to music | from design to virtual set production... This is what we love to do and exactly what makes us unique!

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